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Credibol is a fintech startup based in Mexico that want to improve their user’s financial capabilities. Their user can register on their website and got their credit score calculated then help those who are creditworthy but are typically underrepresented in current financial systems.

When their user have poor credit histories, Credibol will still assist them by provide them with a good loans.

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the challenges.

For this project is kind straight forward, so I don’t really have any difficulty. This project mainly about making a website (desktop and mobile view) where user can browsing any kind of loan that suitable for them, got their credit score calculated and some other financial education content from Credibol. Maybe the most challenging was because Credibol was using Spanish which I don’t understand. Fortunately my client speak english and brief me before give me Spanish copy writing for the website.

who is it for?

Because Credibol was based in Mexico, their main target was small business entreprises who can’t secure a loan. By helping them to improve or maintain their credit score and provide the best loan for them to grow their business. Beside that Credibol can be use for user who want to educated themself more about financial through articles and videos.

credibol website.

Like I have said before, Credibol have 3 main features on their website. First is to help user browse credit cards, loans, investments, or other financial support. Second was to calculate user’s credit score and the last was educate their user about financial.

Credibol Product List


Here user can browse the product that provide by Credibol like credit cards, loans, investments, and etc. User can search, filter, see the product detail or just apply it directly.

Credibol Dashboard


Here was where user will have their credit score calculated. Here they can see their Credibol Points, look at their credit report, get cashback, apply for investment, suggestion product which Credibol have curated base on their credit score and corses about financial where user can unlock using their Credibol points.

Credibol Financial Education


The last feature of Credibol is financial education. Here user can browse article or video that Credibol have made to help their user improve their credit score or just general financial stuff.


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