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Speira is a wine advisor that offers wine sourcing service. Speira helps their customer to discover and bought exclusive wine with the best price. On top of that, Speira also helps with wine distribution and storage.

The main purpose of this project was to make a website page for Speira to explain the company and the service, why their potential customers need to choose them, and also how to contact or find them in the internet.

For the design style, I decided to make it looks exclusive and luxury. Using yellow color (Speira brand) as the main color, and more colorful photos with dark background to make it more contrast.

? UI/UX Design
? Branding (image and design style)
✍️ Copywriting

the challenges.

One of the most challenging aspects of this project was the lack of information for this website. The client had given the site map of the website consists of a simple five pages structure. The problem was there is no enough content like photos, pictures, or any narrative for the website. I used the sales deck for Speira to start designing the site.

For the design mood and style, the client already has Speira logo and also given some website example as reference. Then, I started doing the design based on the style and color of the logo, researching some publicly available photos for the website, and do the narrative based on the sales deck given.

who it's for.

Speira customers are divided into three main categories:

  • Private Collector.
    For this type of customer, Speira provides consultation for sourcing any kind of wine and also trading between member.
  • Corporate.
    Mostly for this type of customer, Speira provides services like custom packaging, private label, and helps the company to organize or manage annual events.
  • Horeca or Club.
    Speira helps in sourcing wine for different category and consulting on designing a wine program for this type of customer.


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