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Lexus mobile apps was made for Lexus user to feel exclusive and have their own Lexus driver community. In the apps user would have somethings like a social media where all the other user was an owner of Lexus car. They can post anything like other social media, see other Lexus product or promotion, got exclusive Lexus event invitation, and join exclusive club.

On their profile, they will have Lexus point each time they made purchase, their car detail where they can find their card using gps tracker and booked a service, see their friend list and the club they have been join before.

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the challenges.

Unlike other project I did before, I did not work directly with the company that requested the app (Lexus). My client was a 3rd party vendor who won a tender (project bidding) for Lexus project. Due to this situation, the brief for the design did not come directly from Lexus and the concept was made by my client (the 3rd party vendor). And unfortunately my client did not have any detailed requirements. The request was simply “Make an application exclusively for Lexus driver and make it really exclusive and luxurious.”

Other than the very short and vague brief, time constraint was the biggest challenge for this project. The deadline was only two days after the briefing. This means that I had no time doing any research or create wireframe first and design things straight to the mockup, hoping I can translate the exclusive and luxurious feeling well

personal use.

As an exclusive application for Lexus owner, this application also functions like a membership card where it has all the important personal information about the owner and the car. Other than storing user information, the apps has menu for booking car service and/or buying spare part for the car. An emergency button is also available which enabled user to quickly contact customer service, technical staff or even find nearby hospital.

Profile Lexus


In Lexus apps, user can update their so that the connected friend can see their details, like profile picture, name and job title. User can see their friends, club they have joined and their Lexus point amount. User can got Lexus point each time they book a service or buy any spare part.

Car Lexus


The most important thing about Lexus apps is definitely the information about the owned car. Using this apps owner can see details of the their car like model, color, purchase date and the last time user had car service and maintenance. Other than information about car, the owner will also have a feature to find the car using gps tracker. And for some users who have a driver, they can request a pickup anytime, anywhere. This was the only on specific requirement from my client, due to most Lexus owner in Indonesia will have a driver and not drive the car themselves.

Booking Lexus


Another useful feature in the apps for Lexus owner is the instant book of service and maintenance for the car. They can simply just choose the date of service and it will be automatically added to their apps event calendar. User can also buy any spare part specific for their car model and pay it online, then just wait it to be delivered to their house or includes it into their next service.

social community.

The second focus of this apps was for Lexus owner community. So, when someone own a Lexus car, they can join the exclusive Lexus community using this apps. User can see other owner posts and profile, join any Lexus event, and join a club exclusives for Lexus owner.

Post Lexus


With this apps user can post anything and be seen by other Lexus owner. They can post things like text, picture, event or club. Other user can like and comment on others’ post.

Event Lexus


Lexus owner sometimes will got a special invitation for a Lexus event, or they can look any available event and see the event detail. Besides event information, user can also use the apps to get updates on Lexus news.

Club Lexus


Another social thing user can do was join a club. In this apps, Lexus already made some clubs that their user can join and start any discussion like a forum.

other feature.

Help Lexus


This feature was an important one for any car owner. Using the apps, user can click on the help menu to contact Lexus customer service for any question they have about their car. They can also use it to call Lexus technical staff if they have any technical question, or just request help and send their location so nearby staff can help them as fast as possible (emergency for shortcut). And the last one is when they have an accident, they can find nearby hospital from their location.

Product Lexus


Because this was Lexus apps, of course that will be a place to show Lexus cars. In this section user can see Lexus car catalogue. User can see which they owned car’s model and how many friends of theirs who own that type of car.

Calendar Lexus


In this apps, user will have their own calendar where all of their activities will be recorded. Like event they will attend, a service they already book, or just general celebration.


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