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Planet Sports is a retail chain store in Indonesia who focus on selling branded sport products such as shoes and shirts. Until now, their internet presence was as an e-commerce website. Yet they seek to expand their brand by making an app that helped their customers to simultaneously be active in sports while also enhance their sales. Since their main division is running shoes, it is a great choice to have a Running theme for the application.

The concept of the application is to remind their user to stay fit with training (running) everyday. Users can track their daily running activity or choose a plan and follow until it finished.

To help users do the training, Planet Sports include some gamification to increase user interest. Users will get a badge every time they achieved a target from Planet Sports. For every training they’ve finished, they can exchange their steps into energy points in which they can donate. These energy donations then will be used to plant trees in Indonesia as a partake in a go-green movement program.

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the challenges.

At first the focus of the application is mostly just to remind and track users’s running activity. So the design is more focused on the tracking and training section. Home screen will show how much users run every day and the main Start button to begin tracking the running steps and miles. Everytime users begin with their running session, there will be a warm up video, after which they can start the exercise. When they’re finished, the data and route will be recorded and as a reward, they will get a badge every time they’ve finished some checkpoints.

At the middle of the project, the client decided to add a new function to attract more users and add even more achievements for each time they finished an exercise. For this function, I have to change the homepage main function and add some new pages. After the reconstruction, the homepage can show the steps users have taken in their exercise, to be exchanged into energy points which then can be used to donate a tree.

running tracking.

One of the main feature of the apps was to track users running activity. They can turn on the tracker before they start running and the app will store and record all of the data and the user can see all of their previous activities while using the app.


This was one of the main feature of the application where users can turn on the running tracker when they want to start their exercise. It was made as simple and as user friendly as possible, users only have to start the tracking by pressing the start button. When the tracker started, they can pause, take photos, choose music from user’s favourite music apps, check out routes and lock the screen. The lock screen feature was added to add convenience for users so as they will not accidentally hit other buttons. After the run has finished, users can see their running route and distance, time and average speed.

Activity Planet Sports


In this screen users can see all of their running summary and history from all of their previous exercises. They could choose to see the summaries by weekly, monthly or yearly.

Training Planet Sports


Other than a quick start to begin tracking their running, users can also choose a training plan provided from Planet Sports. Users can choose what plan they would like to do. Every plan has a different timeline and benefits. As they choose one of the exercise plan, the app will start to track and send notifications of when the users need to run. It will have different achievements everyday and sometimes it will have a rest day too for a change. They can see their training schedule or change it into a different plan anytime.


To attract and motivate more users to run, Planet Sports adding some gamification on the app. This app have three types of gamification. First, every user will have a level from the running distance and they can show it to their friends. Secondly, they can collect badges, with a different way to get each badges. The last one is, users can choose a tree to plan, trade their running steps with energy points and use that energy points to grew the tree.

Level Planet Sports


Users will be given a level that they can upgrade every time they run. As users track their exercise, each running distance will be recorded and applied for leveling up. For example as they reached certain kilometers, they will automatically level up. Users can also have options to share their level to their friends on social media or messaging app.

Badge Planet Sports


Other than levels, users can collect badges while exercising. Every badge will have a different way to acquire. Users can check all of the achievement badges, what they’ve already achieved, how to get the ones they haven’t, and also the detailed information of the time when they got the badge.


This feature was born as a part of a partnership between Planet Sports and a non-profit foundation to plant trees across Indonesia. So this app changed their main gamification from recording running miles into exchanging these miles into an energy and use it into planting a type of tree they choose first.

Before doing any exercises, users can choose the type of the tree they would like to plant. Every tree has a different amount of energy to plant it fully. After choosing, the user can exercise as usual and converted their running distance into energy to add to their chosen tree. When the tree has reached full energy, the foundation will plant a real tree and give a certificate as a proof to the user that the plant process has been completed.


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